Black Country ICB Minor Ailments Scheme

Black Country ICB Minor Ailments Scheme is a scheme to treat common ailments, that operates in participating pharmacies in the area covered by Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton . It enables patients to access a free medicines service without having to visit their doctor, Accident and Emergency or the Walk-In centre. There are rules of access, as well as requirements for pharmacies and their pharmacists. The rules are-

  • The scheme is available to patients exempt from prescription charges who are registered with a participating General Practice in Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton areas

  • Visits are limited to six times in a twelve-month period

  • The scheme is only for the treatment of a current common ailment and not to restock medicines

  • The patient will need to attend the pharmacy personally

Attending patients will need to bring their NHS number with them for the scheme to operate. Conditions that can be treated for either under 16 (U16), over 16 (O16), or both include:

Acute cough Acute fever (U16)

Acute Pain/Earache/

Headache/Temperature (O16)

Athlete’s foot
Bacterial conjunctivitis Bites, stings and allergies Cold sores Colds and ‘flu
Constipation Cystitis (O16) Diarrhoea Dry skin/simple eczema (U16)
Dermatitis/allergic rashes (U16) Earache Earwax Hay fever
Haemorrhoids (O16) Heartburn/indigestion (O16) Infant decongestion Mouth ulcers & teething
Nappy rash Scabies Sore throats (O16) Sprains & strains ( O16)
Sunburn (U16) Threadworms Thrush (oral & vaginal) Verrucas and warts