EPS/Smartcard Forms and Help

The process for any RA Smartcard requirements is:

1) Please apply for a smart card or log an incident with the MLCSU ICT Service desk via the website form at https://itservices.midlandsandlancashirecsu.nhs.uk/forms/smart-card-ra-form/

or e-mail MLCSU.servicedesk@nhs.net.

If you are unable to email please call 0300 555 0212
Provide the following information:
a) The name of the user for which the call is being logged.
b) Smartcard number (The 12 digit number off the front of the smartcard)
c) The version of smartcard 02,03,04,05 (taken from the back of the card in the bottom right hand corner).
d) Your NACS, ODS code (i.e. 5PE).
e) A brief description of what the problem is ( new user needs smartcard, users smartcard lost/broken, modification to user roles/access etc.)- see below for online registration and unlocking of smartcards
f) Contact phone number that you will be available on, outside of pharmacy opening hours if possible.

2) Keep a copy of the ICT Service desk call reference as you will need this if you have to contact the RA Department/RA Agent. Please note also if your Smart Card starts with the number 04,05,06 etc., in future you will be able to renew on-line.

NHS mail Technical Issues and Escalation Factsheet

Smartcard Leaflet Directory

A guide for the available leaflets online

Smartcard Registration and Unlocking Online

Registering for self-service smart card unlock

A guide with instructions on managing smartcards online

Temporary Access Cards (TACs)

The HSCIC is aware of the potential business continuity risks associated with lost or stolen Smartcards and has issued guidance to local RA teams so that locked Temporary Access Cards (TACs) can be provided to pharmacies that consider themselves at risk.

TACs are Smartcards with a pre-defined set of pharmacist access rights. They can be activated by the sponsor or Local Smartcard Administrator, in conjunction with the pharmacist who requires the card. Contact your RA team if you are interested in obtaining a TAC.